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Google Shopping Ads

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Give your sales a boost by showcasing your products directly to customers who are searching for it on Google. Google shopping ad campaigns boost your conversion rate as your products are directly visible to audiences who are searching for relevant keywords. A well-executed Google shopping ad gives your customers a seamless shopping experience while providing you with more sales opportunities.

SMride is proficient with Google shopping ads and can create ads with user-friendly interfaces and focused user targeting. The key to getting conversions from Google’s shopping listings is to target relevant prospects and have the right product listings in front of them. We identify your buyers and create campaigns to attract them to your business with Google shopping ads.

How can Google Shopping Ads Grow your Business?

For e-commerce businesses who want to churn a regular amount of sales online, Google shopping ads provide the right platform for them to display their products to audiences who are searching for those products and are ready to buy. By targeting the right audiences, you can funnel all that traffic back to your website and complete the sale.

Being on the carousel of Google shopping ads ensures that you are still getting visibility and conversions even if you are not ranking on Google’s first page. Indeed, shopping ads allow you to reach high-intent users who are more likely to convert as your customers. But the benefits do not end there.

With SMride by your side, you can expect the following:

Wide Scale Visibility

Google Shopping Ads give you superior visibility and reach.

Highly Targeted Audience

Google shopping ads place your product in front of high-intent customers who are ready to buy.

Flexible Budget Options

You have flexible spending options and the freedom to scale whenever you want.

Boost Conversions

Drive targeted traffic to your website and boost conversions.

Increases Efficiency

Once you set up your Google Merchant Account and product feed, Google's automation updates the necessary product information from the product feed, which interacts directly with your online store. Thus, you do not have to create ad copies once you are set up, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Why SMride for Google Shopping Ad Management?

When choosing a marketing company, you need the right mix of expertise and reliability. Here are a few reasons why SMride is your go-to choice for driving up sales:

Invest in Expertise

At SMride, we have a pool of talent, knowledge, and experience to deliver real-time results and boost your revenue.

Invest in Trust

We are an agency that is proactive in sharing all information with clients. From detailed reports, complete access to Google dashboard, and monthly meetings, we always value your involvement in making impactful decisions.

Invest in Transparency

We are fully transparent in our approach to serving our clients. From the initial strategy to the campaign optimisation phase, we do everything in accordance with our clients.

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Google Shopping Ads FAQs

A Google Shopping ad is a fantastic tool for linking businesses with potential customers who want to make an online purchase. It is a pay-per-click advertising solution that directs customers to your website. An effective Google Shopping campaign will allow you to connect with certain clients who are more likely to click on your advertising because they are at the bottom of the sales funnel. As a result, Google Shopping advertisements can produce outstanding results.

Businesses can choose between a Smart or Standard Google Shopping Ads campaign. A Standard campaign on Google Ads lets you divide your products into different ad groups, including brands and categories. You can also add negative keywords to drive maximum bid performance. Brilliant campaigns use the Google algorithm to propose options based on your preferences and goals. They use contextual signals to engage audiences who match the location, device, and other demographic metrics.
Both methods are highly complex, so it’s highly recommended to outsource this to an advertising agency like SMride, which can develop a highly optimized campaign structure for your business.

Google recently announced a free product listing program to make Google Shopping more attractive to online retailers. It means that you can get started without paying a single cent. However, while Google Shopping may not charge for listing, incorporating a reasonable ad budget can help you maximize your reach within your target market.
You can also use integration tools to link your e-commerce store to Google Shopping, including Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCOmmerce. These provide accessible features to ensure your products are synced efficiently between both platforms. By sharing your product data across as many platforms as possible, you can level up your understanding of your audience and ensure your Google Shopping ads deliver an even better ROI.

As the world’s most visited website and search engine, Google makes capturing the right audience profiles much more accessible. With the algorithms being highly accurate in identifying ready customers with high search intent, listing your e-commerce website on Google Shopping means you have a higher success rate in converting them to paying customers. Since generating revenue remains a top priority for most retailers, running a Google Shopping campaign will be a fantastic way to reach your business goals.
With an increased focus on user experience in e-commerce, Google Shopping feeds are also optimized for comfortable browsing.
Google shopping ads assist you in promoting your business with anything from your store name to a product image or a location and price point, all of which will be placed directly underneath the search bar your potential customers are using. Creating a Google shopping ad campaign with SMride ensures that your service is one of the first results people see, driving more traffic to your website and vastly improving upon the click rates you might see from plain-text ads.

Regardless of industry, Google Shopping is best for boosting e-commerce websites and online stores. Apart from converting clicks to revenue, you can also use this platform to know about your customers and their browsing habits. If you are willing to search for all the advantages of Google Shopping for your business, contact our PPC strategists at SMride.

Unlike other Google advertising services, Shopping ads do not use keywords to display results. Instead, the platform relies on product data from the information you add to the Google Merchant Centre. Some of this information includes a unique product ID, title, and link to your landing page. All these details come together to point your listing to the right target audience.
While you don’t need to work on your keywords, there are still ways to put your keyword research to work. For example, you can input negative keywords into your campaign to ensure your ad budget does not decay by showing them to disinterested users. Also, how you describe your product can include keywords that can grab the attention of engaged customers.

How Google Shopping Ads can help your business

The truth is that more is always better regarding Google Ads (whether display ads or search ads). It is the way Google has set up its platforms. The more funds you spend on your ads, the more you can analyze with different creatives/copy/audiences, and the more data you have, then the better conclusions your campaign can draw. Once you know what works, you can tweak, scale, and see some impressive results.
Not everyone has a large budget, and spending USD 2 per day as a ‘test’ might be tempting to see what happens. A strategy like this can often work, but you will likely lose money and become frustrated with your results. That is why we recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of $700. An ad spend of this amount will give you sufficient data to make conclusive decisions about your campaign – but remember, more is always better.

Google Display Ads are highly efficient for both retargeting and brand awareness. Ideally, you would run both if you had the budget. You would run awareness ads with eye-catching creatives across relevant websites to tell your target audience your brand’s story. Then, on top of this, you would set up retargeting ads to try and drive more conversions and revenue.
If you have a small budget and must pick one or the other, you must first evaluate the goals of your business. Is your company newly developed, or are you having difficulty creating enough leads and profit to begin breaking even? Then, a retargeting campaign designed to drive sales might be the best option. In contrast, a campaign designed to increase brand awareness can be your best bet if you are an enterprise or an organization trying to expand into new parts of the world.

While there are seemingly endless targeting options for Google Display ads, about everything can be denied into two distinct categories; website-based targets and user-based targets. Website-based marks mean you will pick a handful of websites that you think are relevant to your product or service and then show advertisements to everyone who visits that site. It is a highly productive strategy if you can identify websites your target audience frequently sees.
You also have the option to use user-based targeting. User-based targeting is ideal when you know who your target audience is. Then, the Google Display Network will show your ads to everyone who fits the criteria, spread across multiple sites in the network. Both targeting strategies can be effective, and a great ads agency will be able to run both campaigns simultaneously.

Yes. You can go as far as to say that when it comes to digital marketing solutions for brand awareness – Google Display Ads are far and away the best option. It is because display ads are cost-effective, scalable, and have some pretty impressive targeting options that will allow you to grow your brand awareness for your target audience.
The other reason that Google Display Ads are great for brand awareness? Creatives. Have you heard that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, for brand awareness, this is 100% the truth. Unlike Google Search Ads, which are only words and no photos, you can showcase your brand visually with display ads. It means you can create eye-catching creatives and pictures that tell your brand’s story, which can bring in more new leads and customers.

While Google Display Ads can be incredibly profitable, they are not a get-rich-quick scheme. Sure, they can be a money-making machine for your business, but getting there takes time, experience, testing, tweaking, and relentless optimization. Due to this, we always advise hiring an experienced professional with the expertise to manage your Google Display Ads campaign. It can decide if your ads are profitable or not.
To make money with your Google Display Ads, you must ensure your campaign is set up for success. It means the right strategy needs to be in place, and the settings are correct. Any misconfigurations early on can spell doom for your entire campaign. Suppose you want to attract the interest of your target audience. In that case, it is also essential to write exciting copy and utilize focus-grabbing pictures because, without their attention, you have nothing.

Absolutely! But it’s essential to keep in mind a few things. Firstly, while you can stop your Google Ads at any time, mistakes can still happen, which means if your ads are not set up correctly, you can still blow your budget or make a costly bidding error. The second thing to consider is that no Google Display Campaign became extremely profitable overnight. The opposite is usually true. While a great ads agency can get your campaign up and running in a few days, it takes a few weeks to collect enough data and know how to decrease the cost per click while increasing overall clicks confidently. So don’t pull the plug because your campaign isn’t going well in the first few days. Be patient, and trust in the process.