Consider using a WordPress SEO campaign to take your WordPress website to the top of Google!

  • Superior User Experience
  • Increase in Targeted Organic Traffic
  • Boosted Click-through and Conversion Rates

WordPress SEO Services

Get More Performance and Results from your WordPress Website

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to build websites. You can truly unlock a world of possibilities with your WordPress website. From appearing on top of search results on relevant keywords to providing a great pitch to your target audience, your website is like a storefront and a salesman for your business.

But simply using plugins will not help you rank high on Google. You need to invest in SEO with a long-term strategy that gives sustainable results. This is where we come in.

SMride provides WordPress SEO services that harnesses the power of the incredible platform to help your business gain higher visibility and conversions. Our SEO experts can optimise the performance of your WordPress website and transform it into a high-converting machine.

How can our WordPress SEO Services Benefit you?

At SMride, we don’t just tick off a checklist of WordPress SEO basics. Our end-to-end SEO services are designed to get maximum results for our clients. With a strong focus on ROI, our WordPress SEO professionals leave no stone unturned to get optimal results for you. All our campaigns are tailored around your business and niche, meaning you get a bespoke strategy specifically crafted for your brand. This helps you to make the most out of our WordPress SEO services.

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • More Organic Traffic
  • Reduced Bounce Rates
  • Higher Conversions
  • Flawless User Experience


How can our WordPress SEO Services Benefit you?

Simply investing in SEO plugins for WordPress is not going to return results. You need experts in WordPress SEO who have advanced expertise. Hiring SEO specialists at SMride will help you climb up the rankings and get more organic traffic to your WordPress site.


SMride has the resources and expertise needed to help you achieve tangible results.

Seamless Usability

Give your customers the best user experience across every device (mobile, PC, tablet).

Holistic Approach

We improve your search and social presence with social media integrations to your WordPress website.

Unhinged Performance

Get top-notch performance with fast-loading WordPress websites that satisfy the user intent.

Engaging Content

SMride creates informative, relevant, and engaging content that is fully optimised for SEO and CRO.


A safe and secure website is key to performing better from an SEO perspective. We take all the security measures to protect you from data loss or downtime.

WordPress SEO Agency with Niche Expertise

Get More Performance and Results from your WordPress Website

If you have a WordPress website and need SEO services to gain better visibility, you need professionals with a niche understanding of WordPress SEO. SMride has a team of WordPress SEO experts who have an acute knowledge of WordPress websites and comprehensive experience in SEO.


Not just WordPress. We also specialise in optimising other CMS platforms like Magento and Joomla.

Other Google Services Offered By Us

E-Commerce SEO

SEO is the lifeblood of any e-commerce website today. Without SEO, your competitors are going to surpass you in exposure, traffic, sales, and, ultimately, revenue.

Enterprise SEO

With a large business, you need a bigger and more complex website in order to target your audience effectively.

Local SEO

Local SEO is referred to the strategy of optimising a website to make it rank higher on local search results.


An overview of WordPress SEO.

SEO for WordPress sites is referred to as WordPress SEO. WordPress SEO and regular SEO are identical in theory. However, there are techniques to improve the process. For example, when it comes to WordPress SEO, you should concentrate on platform-native components and look for ways to tailor your rankings to best serve your business’s objectives.
The SEO building blocks for WordPress are comparatively easy to use. Your headers, graphics, and meta descriptions should all be optimized. After that, checking your website’s copy and ensuring the keyword density is appropriate is vital. If your site has an insufficient thickness, Google may not index it. If your density is too high, Google may penalize you. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your WordPress website loads as quickly as possible.

Absolutely! One of the main reasons WordPress has grown to be so popular is because of this. WordPress is made to be as user-friendly, intuitive, and SEO-friendly as a platform can be straight out of the box. This does not imply that WordPress is a hands-off SEO engine, as it still needs a lot of effort to reach its full potential.
WordPress offers several SEO-friendly features. First off, you have almost limitless access to download plugins, many of which are made to improve the SEO of your website. Standard plugins that can help you improve your website’s SEO immediately are Yoast, AIO SEO, and Jetpack. Other SEO components of your website, such as headings, meta descriptions, picture alt text, and more, are equally simple to navigate.

WordPress is the best platform for running a website. This is due to several various factors. WordPress is quite user-friendly to start. You may quickly become familiar with the platform’s operation and learn all there is to know about WordPress in a few days or weeks. Additionally, it is pre-built for SEO, making it easy to find and use elements like headings, meta descriptions, and image optimization.
The fact that WordPress is open-source is another of its best features. This implies that programmers can access WordPress’s coding and develop tools that seamlessly integrate with it anywhere in the world. There are a lot of these tools, which are referred to as “plugins.” The number? Over 50,000 plugins are included in the official plugin directory. These plugins can assist with lead generation, website design, CRO, and SEO, among other things.

First and foremost, you need to increase website traffic to increase sales. It takes more than clicking a button to see more deals on your website. It requires time, energy, money, and—most crucially—the appropriate approach. Everything is traffic. Digital marketing techniques can help you increase visitors; the most popular methods include SEO, PPC, content marketing, and organic social networking.
You can concentrate on raising your conversion rates if you have more traffic. While frequently disregarded, this component of digital marketing is equally as crucial as driving visitors. To improve your conversion rates, you must optimize your website for sales. Do your calls to action seem clear? Is your writing engaging and intriguing? Do you have high-resolution photos? Is it simple to navigate your website? Your sales can improve significantly with the help of all of these factors and more.

How WordPress SEO can help your business.

Several variables will affect how long SEO will take. What number of search terms are you aiming to rank for? How tough is the competition in your field? What level of authority does your website currently have? What’s your monthly spending plan? You can estimate how long your SEO activities will take once you get the answers to these questions.
Generally, SEO takes 4-6 months to generate traffic. You might see some results (like increased impressions and small gains in traffic) in the first 2-3 months. But the real traffic gains usually start happening around the 6-month mark. While this timeline might scare away some business owners, the truth is that it’s a small investment – once your rankings are solidified, you will quickly see why.

Technically speaking, SEO doesn’t produce sales on its own. Thanks to SEO, your ranks will improve, and more people will visit your website. But consider SEO’s structure. Consider that you own an eCommerce women’s clothing company and aim to rank for the term “women’s polyester yoga pants.” Your website will begin receiving traffic from people interested in your products once you start ranking for this phrase, increasing the possibility that you will make a sale.
However, it’s crucial to remember that SEO can only partially increase revenue. It is because generating website traffic is just half the battle. It would be best if you converted website visitors once they arrived. You will require a professionally created website that inspires confidence and displays how excellent your products are. The website must also load quickly, have clear calls to action, and have compelling material that motivates users to take action.

Although SEO and PPC are two of the most widely used Digital Marketing techniques, you should be aware of some clear distinctions between the two. PPC involves posting ads online and getting paid each time a user hits one of those ads. PPC advertisements, often called Google Search Ads, are frequently displayed above organic Google results. Social networking sites like Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Linkedin, and Snapchat are the most popular places to view these advertisements.
As opposed to SEO, pay-per-click ads require a consistent financial investment. You stop getting traffic, leads, and sales if you stop paying. It also might take time for your ad campaign to be fully optimized and profitable. A poorly configured PPC campaign can save a marketing budget, so hiring a professional agency with the right experience is essential.

The cost of SEO can vary drastically depending on a few different factors. Many aspects of SEO are free to implement – mainly on-page SEO. If you want to handle SEO yourself or have someone on your team take it, it can be free! If you wish to teach yourself some SEO basics, you can start learning in as little as a few days.
But if you want to take your SEO to the next level and wish to hire an agency, it will require a bit more of a budget. While SEO agencies charge less, your minimum monthly SEO budget should be $700. It is enough of a budget to ensure you are working with an agency that can achieve actual results without causing any detriment to your website and brand.

While SEO is our preferred method for generating visitors, leads, and revenue, it’s not your only one. Depending on your business’s funnel, KPIs, and overall goals, additional digital marketing tactics may be just as beneficial (or perhaps more effective) than SEO. It simply requires choosing what is ideal for your company.
PPC (pay-per-click) is one of our favorite solutions for SEO. The most prevalent places to view this type of paid advertising are Google Search Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Users who click on your advertisement are ultimately taken to your website. The site charges you for each click that you receive. Content marketing is a fantastic choice to take into consideration. Although initially challenging, organic social media is another practical approach to increase website traffic.

Absolutely! Many solopreneurs and small businesses have tighter marketing budgets and prefer to handle their SEO alone. Doing so helps save money, but it does require the investment of additional resources – mainly your time. It takes some time to learn SEO foundations and even more time to master them. Learning SEO can be a bit of an uphill battle, but if you stick with it, you can implement many of the basics yourself.
If you want to outsource your SEO to a professional agency, you can do so for as little as $700 monthly. This investment will give you full access to an SEO agency that uses its team of SEO specialists to improve your website’s traffic. It’s important to remember, though, that the more money you are willing to invest, the better results you will get and the quicker you will see them.